Boinc and Setiathome Enhanced for OpenBSD4.0/amd64 (x86_64)
-started on 30/11/06-

     Welcome to the mini-site raised to host binaries of the Boinc client and the Setiathome Enhanced application
          ported to the amd64 platform of the OpenBSD4.0 operating system and in the future, on some other platforms
          and OS-es too.

     I am intended to provide here some updated or last-minute notes too about what is currently my progress with
          the porting i.e. optimizations, updates to the programs and conclusions of user feedbacks.

     Should you get confused with the usage of any of the applications, you will find basic installation instructions
          in the README file held in each of the setiathome_enhanced tarballs.



          Expect to appear ports of both Boinc and Setiathome Enhanced for DebianGNU/Linux-amd64 and maybe also
               for DebianGNU/Linux-i386(optimized for i686) soon, with the same non-graphical interface only.


          Each one of the applications was compiled with the formerly fast but still acceptable precision stated -ffast-math
               and the most of the optimizations involving -O3 options via CFLAGS along with the architecture relevant
               optimization flags.
               Currently there is one exception: the optimization for the AMD CPUs is stuck at athlon-xp, this is because of
               the GCC version the -stable and even the -current follow up of the OS has is 3.3.5 and the Athlon64/Opteron
               optimization flags are only present from 3.3.6+, so the application is tuned currently to athlon-xp, or better,
               sse floatingpoint math and 3dnow! enhancement.
               GCC versions even up to 4.x are available though in every follow up of the OS on every platform already, except
               on amd64. How ironic. This will most probably change with time.
               The intel version is tuned to the CPUs with codename called nocona, or better, with sse floatingpoint math and
               sse3 enhancement.

          I ran both ports against the test WU-s, they are working well and it seems they produce identical
               performance on my Sempron 2800+ box. You can take consequences, however i better use the athlon-xp tuned
               application. You can watch it working here.

          As far as i managed now, i'm still unable to build Boinc with the option --enable-client-release, so it is
               probably needed to fulfill dependencies like getting curl and it's own dependants to have libcurl, and openssl.
               You can check the needed versions of each at the prerequisites here.
               A fairly recent version of curl is found on the CVS repository of OpenBSD, however chances are that you will
               need got go for the -current one even if you use the -stable follow up of the OS, if the version of curl in
               -stable is older than the version mentioned in prerequisites. This will end up in mixing the differentiated
               states of the OS, but i don't think it hurts that much, it's only 1 software package. It can be unacceptable to
               say this i agree. This can be a question of security vs stability from the viewpoint of the Operating System.
               OpenSSL if the built in is an older one, can be acquired from here.
               You can check yours by typing in: #openssl version


     Currently there are 2 types of setiathome_enhanced separated here, since the amd64 platform supports intel
          processors with 64bit extensions enabled also, gathering into something but surely not a family called x86_64.
          If you use ia64 (Itanium) based architecture, the binaries here are not for you.
          For AMD 64bit CPUs like Opteron/Athlon/Sempron/Turion:

          - Setiathome_enhanced AMD version for OpenBSD4.0/amd64 (x86_64)

          For intel 64bit enabled CPUs like Core/Pentium/Celeron:

          - Setiathome_enhanced intel version for OpenBSD4.0/amd64 (x86_64)

     This is the package containing the Boinc client and Boinc_cmd software:

     - Boinc client with Boinc_cmd for OpenBSD4.0/amd64 (x86_64)

     This here is the file containing the sha1 checksums for the above packages:

     - sha1_checksums

After all if made well, you should be up and running, if not, feel free to contact me at summoner at enternet dot hu.

At the end i'd like to send many thanks to Lars Bausch, who was helping me a LOT getting all these to success!

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